Basic Judaism

Judaism is the religion and culture of the Jewish People and the first recorded monotheistic faith.

Rabbinical View

Judaism believes that God created the world for the purpose of having people upon whom to bestow kindness. He gave us commandments in order that they should deserve the kindness he bestows and that it not be charity. He created Adam and Eve and gave them only one commandment which they transgressed and thus were deserving of death, however, because they repented, their death was delayed. As time went on, although there were always righteous people, the vast majority denied God’s authority. God sent Noah to build an ark so that the world would see and repent, but when they did not do so, he brought a flood and destroyed the world, leaving only Noah and his children whom he gave seven commandments.

Although Noah’s son Shem and Shem’s grandson Ever remained righteous and maintained a yeshiva for the purpose of teaching Torah, the vast majority of the world began to worship idols. Abraham, although born in a world of idol worship, determined that there must be a single power who is in control of the world whereupon God made himself known to him.

Abraham dedicated his life to denouncing idolatry. This is why he is called the first Jew; he was the first to take on the world and proclaim the folly of idolatry. As a result, God promised he would have children from Isaac who would carry on his work and inherit the land of Israel (then called Canaan) after having been exiled and redeemed. As such, he gave Isaac’s son Jacob the title Israel, and dedicated his children to be his nation.

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He sent Jacob and his children to Egypt, and after they had been enslaved, he sent Moses to redeem them from slavery, take them to Mount Sinai, give them the Torah which is comprised of 613 commandments, and take them to the land of Israel.

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Because the Jews would sin, he set aside the children of Aaron to be priests, and gave them a temple where they could bring offerings to assist in the atonement for their sins. Until the children of Israel were settled in their land this was a tent that traveled around with them. Once they had settled, the tent was planted in the city of Shiloh for over 300 years during which time God provided great men, and occasionally women, to rally the nation after he sent enemies to attack them. As time went on, the spiritual level of the nation declined to the point that God allowed the Philistines to capture the temple in Shiloh.

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