Issachar – 12 Tribles of Israel

Issachar – Twelve Tribes of Israel

The Tribe of Issachar (יִשָּׂשׁכָר “Reward; recompense”, Standard Hebrew  is one of the Hebrew tribes, which the Bible claims was founded by Issachar son of Jacob.

Traditionally, the tribes of Issachar and Zebulun were considered to have a symbiotic relationship, whereby Issachar would devote its time to the study and teaching of

Torah, and Zebulun would financially support Issachar. In exchange, Zebulun would receive a share in the spiritual reward for Issachar’s learning, which may be a mythological tale explaining a situation in which Zebulun was a tribute-paying vassal state of Isachar. In modern times, although the identity of Issachar and Zebulun are unknown, these terms are still used by those engaged in such a partnership.

The name of Issachar means reward or to hire for payment and was engraved upon the Topaz stone which was golden yellow and represents “to seek”. This tribe willingly accepted what was before them and with what they had. The children of Issachar were mighty men in David’s army and because of their ability to understand the times, all brethren heeded their command.